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Florence Marine, a dynamic player in the surf and outerwear apparel market, faced a significant hurdle in maximizing its online potential. Despite a strong product offering, their digital presence was not translating into substantial sales growth. The primary challenge involved boosting digital visibility, driving revenue growth, and achieving a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) across paid media channels.


Pactx, Inc., known for its proficiency in digital strategy and e-commerce optimization, was enlisted to revamp Florence Marine’s digital media approach. They began with an in-depth analysis of the current marketing strategies. Pinpointing areas where improvements were crucial, particularly in paid media efficiency and SEO performance.

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The strategy deployed by Pactx, Inc. was multifaceted. They restructured the paid media campaigns to target more relevant audiences with optimized ad spend, ensuring a higher conversion rate. Simultaneously, they boosted SEO efforts, focusing on enhancing the website’s visibility and organic search rankings. This comprehensive approach encompassed a blend of technical SEO improvements, content strategy refinement, and leveraging cutting-edge tools for data analysis and insights.

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The impact of Pactx, Inc.’s intervention was remarkable. Florence Marine experienced a surge in online engagement, reflected in a 50% increase in website sessions. Revenue skyrocketed, with a 100% increase, effectively doubling their sales figures. Notably, the ROAS across paid media channels impressively exceeded $5, validating the efficacy of the optimized ad campaigns. Additionally, the enhanced SEO strategy contributed significantly to this success. Driving organic traffic and improving overall online visibility. Pactx Inc.’s strategic expertise in digital media and SEO played a crucial role in transforming Florence Marine’s e-commerce performance. Through the way the brand thought about their digital presence making it a core of their long term growth strategy.

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  • ↑50% YOY Sessions
  • ↑100% YOY Revenue Growth
  • >$5 ROAs