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  • Paid Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics

Snake Oil Provisions was struggling to get new users to the site, thus crippling their short and long term growth. As a retailer, they’d hit their growth cap and needed to drive new growth. Their Search Engine performance also saw month over month declines. They also didn’t have any analytics set up and struggled to identify customer pain points on the site, leading to a decrease in sales.

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Pactx built out a strategy focused on driving new digital marketing growth on Paid Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and setting up Google Analytics to identify consumer behavior. The primary strategy for Paid Media was getting the right content to the right audience. For SEO, it was resolving all the onsite issues and lacking a clear targeted keywords strategy to rank highly on Google.

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By being more data focused, Pactx & Snake Oil Provisions saw massive improvements in growth and revenue for those channels.

Showing content that didn’t align with the right audience was a massive loss to revenue, particularly on platforms such as Facebook. Once the content was being shown to the right audience, it not only lead to a big boost in new customers, but also to revenue.

Broken pages, missing images, extremely slow page speeds, and missing page titles and descriptions were only a few of the handful of issues plaguing the site and impacting SEO. They were unable to consistently rank high on Google due to the number of User Experience issues that Pactx resolved directly. Resolving the issues has resulted in ongoing consistent SEO traffic with a minimum of 12% month over month growth, and becoming their #1 traffic & revenue driver for the brand.

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By The Numbers
  • +14% Organic Traffic (YOY)
  • +1,314% Paid Media Revenue (YOY)