• Analytics Reporting
  • UX Design
  • Front End Development

Violent Gentlemen‘s storefront looked outdated and was in need of a refresh. Additionally, analytics was never part of Violent Gentlemen’s plans and there was little confidence in the data since it was set up and forgotten about.


Violent Gentlemen needed a team with development and analytics experience to help them modernize their site and understand what their customers were doing.

Forged from steel and bound by a code that runs deep in every Violent Gentleman: Respect


Revenue per visitor increased by 10% after the update. Additionally, by adding event tracking, Violent Gentlemen could better understand their most bounced page, most frequently clicked product and what actions were creating the most bang for the buck.

Tale Of The Tape
  • ↑3% Conversion
  • ↑6% Average Order Value
  • ↓1.3sec Page Load