Vuori consulting work done by Pactx
  • UX Design

Vuori observed a drastic decline in customer buying behavior on their website following a comprehensive redesign. The brand believed that customers were seeking a refreshed appearance, and invested resources to cater to their various audiences.

Vuori and Pactx goal is to make customers as happy as possible like a day at the beach

Breaking down the boundaries of traditional activewear, with a new perspective on performance apparel.


We identified different pages and their impact to the customer experience. By refocusing efforts to understand that the home page had a different purpose than the product detail page, it allowed the team to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to the page. By building out clear KPIs, each update was made using data-driven insights instead of assumptions from different departments.

Running away your stress and worries by Vuori

By shifting the focus of the page based on KPIs, we were able to help Vuori establish what is most important to their business and customers.

Bloated marketing tactics were hurting conversions on the product detail page. This branding unintentionally forced customers away through making them feel like they were forced to buy. By focusing on the most important KPIs for the page, the brand narrowed in on what mattered to customers through their journey on This lead to more data-driven decision making with more efficient usage of effort and time across various teams.