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  • Development
  • Site Migration
  • Shopify

Future Stitch, renowned for its innovative textile solutions, faced a significant challenge with its online presence. Their existing website, hosted on Wix, was not scaling well with their growing business needs. Leading to performance issues and limitations in customization.


Pactx, Inc stepped in to orchestrate a seamless migration to Shopify. This move was strategic, as Shopify’s robust e-commerce platform offered enhanced scalability, improved user experience, and a wide array of customizable features.

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The transition was meticulously planned by Pactx, Inc. They conducted a thorough analysis of Future Stitch’s requirements, ensuring that the new platform not only supported their current needs but was also future-proof. The migration process involved transferring all product data, customer information, and integrating key functionalities. All integrated in a way that wouldn’t disrupt the ongoing operations.

futurestitch stance socks displayed next to sewing supplies
man working in a factory checking sock design

The migration to Shopify proved to be a game-changer for Future Stitch. The new website delivered a significantly improved user experience, with faster load times and a more intuitive interface. This led to increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and a noticeable boost in lead generation. Pactx, Inc’s expertise in e-commerce and b2b platforms was instrumental in this successful transition, solidifying their reputation as a reliable tech partner.

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By The Numbers
  • ↓1.5secs Page Load
  • ↑30% Engagement Rate
  • ↑100% Lead Generation Growth