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Povey Tools, founded by a dedicated US firefighter, aimed to share their exceptional tools with the world. Unfortunately, the website was initially created hastily. The site lacking a clear focus on branding, target audience, and effective selling techniques. Product organization was chaotic, with no evident calls-to-action, descriptions, or specifications to guide customers through the purchasing process.

Povey Tools assumed that simply having an online presence would drive sales due to strong word-of-mouth recommendations. However, they soon discovered that non-technical users found the website difficult to navigate, leading to an increase in phone orders rather than online purchases.




Pactx collaborated closely with the Povey team to refine their messaging and branding, ensuring customer engagement and relatability. Although they knew their target audience, they were uncertain about how to effectively convey their message.

Pactx offered valuable recommendations on product images and layouts to assist customers in making confident purchase decisions. By emphasizing key product features, such as ‘Made in the USA,’ Pactx helped Povey resonate with their target audience while simultaneously showcasing the exceptional quality of their tools.

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By simplifying the checkout process and crafting a modern design for Povey Tools’ website, we made it effortless for customers to place orders with the Povey team. This streamlined approach nearly doubled sales while also doubling site traffic, thanks to enhanced navigation and an improved user experience that boosted search engine visibility.

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