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True Terpenes had an exceptionally low revenue per visit (RPV) based on the amount of traffic they were generating. However, with little confidence in their web analytics, it was difficult to identify the cause of the low RPV.


Pactx ran a Google Analytics audit and identified some improperly configured settings leading to a misleading sales funnel and convoluted content report. After the audit and update, True Terpenes was able to identify where in the funnel users were dropping off and focus their efforts on the highest impact pages.

Additionally, Pactx helped establish an A/B Testing framework for True Terpenes to run A/B Tests. The framework included research, AB testing ideas, statistical analysis, setting up Google Optimize, running the tests, and how to analyze results. Pactx launched True Terpenes first and second A/B Test on

Picture of True Terpenes Bottle to understand the business and brand.
Image with sample size from True Terpenes

By establishing confidence in the web analytics, we were able to help True Terpenes determine where in the funnel customers were churning and create a plan to attack it. This help laid the foundation of establishing a testing mindset with True Terpenes to better understand who their targeted customer base was and what was deterring them from purchase. In True Terpene’s first and second test and they saw an immediate impact of a conversion optimization program.


Viscosity Terpene
By The Numbers

We ran an A/B test of moving the quantity selector and Add to Cart button above the description. In the control, the Add to Cart was shown below the description, certifications, and pdf downloads.

Conversion Optimization is about understanding customer behavior in order to improve your revenue.

The variant had a 63% improvement in Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) compared to the control, easily one of the biggest lifts we have seen. Customers didn’t want to search for the add to cart and quantity selectors when landing on a product detail page. By having the add to cart above the fold, customers were able to find the call to action within the first 10 seconds of the page loading.

  1. 23% improvement in conversion rate as customers were able to add product easier to their cart
  2. Estimated revenue lift of +$120k in only three weeks of running the A/B Test.
  3. Shift the mindset from one person making all the decisions to a test, learn and reiterate approach, increasing buy-in from all stakeholders and support for the program.