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Despite generating significant traffic, True Terpenes faced the challenge of low revenue per visit (RPV) without a clear understanding of the root cause. The lack of confidence in their web analytics data made it difficult to pinpoint the source of the low RPV and take effective measures to improve it.


Pactx joined forces with True Terpenes to streamline their web analytics, uncover critical insights, and develop a proven optimization program for driving revenue growth. Our team conducted a thorough Google Analytics audit and identified misconfigured settings that were causing a flawed sales funnel and unclear content reports. With the updated configuration, True Terpenes was able to pinpoint weaknesses in their sales funnel and focus their efforts on the most impactful pages.

Furthermore, Pactx provided expert guidance in building a comprehensive A/B Testing framework to optimize the performance of True Terpenes’ website. The framework included in-depth research, innovative A/B testing strategies, advanced statistical analysis, seamless integration with Google Optimize, and clear guidance on how to interpret test results. Under Pactx’s supervision, True Terpenes successfully executed their first and second A/B tests, bringing about improved results and a deeper understanding of their customers’ behavior.

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By establishing confidence in web analytics, we were able to help True Terpenes determine where in the funnel customers were stuck and create a plan to attack it.

Pactx’s comprehensive Google Analytics audit and optimization efforts laid the foundation for True Terpenes to establish a data-driven, testing mindset. By delving into their web analytics, Pactx helped True Terpenes gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and the key pain points that were hindering conversions.

The implementation of an A/B Testing framework, which includes research, test ideation, statistical analysis, and ongoing results analysis, allowed True Terpenes to make informed decisions based on real-world data. The impact was immediate, as demonstrated by the results of their first and second A/B Tests. Which showed a significant improvement in conversion rates and laid the groundwork for future optimization efforts.

Viscosity Terpene
By The Numbers

Our A/B test aimed to improve the customer journey on the website by repositioning the quantity selector and Add to Cart button. The test was designed to compare the results of placing the buttons above the product description against the original version. Where the Add to Cart button was located below the product description, certifications, and pdf downloads. With this experiment, we aimed to determine the impact of the button placement on customer behavior and improve the overall conversion rate.

Conversion Optimization is about understanding customer behavior in order to improve your revenue.

The variant had a 63% improvement in Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) compared to the control, easily one of the biggest lifts we have seen. Customers didn’t want to search for the add to cart and quantity selectors when landing on a product detail page. By having the add to cart above the fold, customers were able to find the call to action within the first 10 seconds of the page loading.

  1. 23% improvement in conversion rate as customers were able to add product easier to their cart
  2. Estimated revenue lift of +$120k in only three weeks of running the A/B Test.
  3. Shift the mindset from one person making all the decisions to a test, learn, and reiterate approach, increasing buy-in from all stakeholders and support for the program.